We Serve with Respect

  • Non-emergency transportation for ambulatory and non-ambulatory people with 24 hours 7 days a week.

  • Reliable personalized home to home service - we will pick you up from your house, drive you to your destination, arrange pick up time and drive you back to your house in a safe, comfortable and dignified manner.

  • Our trips cover appointments for clients going to :
    • Dialysis
    • Doctor's Offices
    • On going Medical Treatment
    • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
    • Family gatherings, entertainment and Casino trips
    • Airports and sports events
  • All of our vehicles are:
    • Modern
    • MDOT Certified
    • Full Commercial Insurance
    • Clean and Regularly maintained as specified and regulated by the state and federal.
    • Equipped with GPS's, radios, and/or phones.